Our burgers are topped with lettuce, tomato, served on
Granary or Italian ciabatta bread and served with homemade french fries.


( Caesar salad, garden salad, soup or yam fries 1 .99 ) | Greek Salad 3.99 | Poutine 7.99
       salad and fries 2.99

Zawa Signature Burger

For the really hungry! Grilled Parmesan cheese double smoked bacon, grilled onions. mushrooms,
and pickles served with house sauce 14.99 | With Free Run Chicken 14.99.

Santa Fe Free Run Chicken Burger

Flame-broiled chicken breast loaded with mixed mozza & cheddar
cheese, double smoked bacon and guacamole 14.99

Wild Sockeye BC Salmon Burger

Flame-broiled wild Bc salmon fillet with homemade orange and lemon
mayo with tomatoes, red onions and lettuce 15.99

beyond meat burger 

Made from peas, apple fibers, vegetable extract ( 100% planet-protein non GMO )served with tomatoes, onion, lettuce, with your choice off chipotle or hummus

Zawa Vegan Burger

Our homemade veggie burger (chickpea, green onion, parsley, fresh
dill, basil, garlic and spices, deep  fried and topped with red onion, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, served with homemade hummus  13.99

Garden Burger

Our gourmet veggie patty loaded with sautéed onions, green peppers,
mushrooms, and swiss cheese 12.99

Club house

Triple-decker loaded with bacon, black forest ham, turkey
breast, cheddar and Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo 13.99


All souvlakis are served with rice, Greek salad, roasted potatoes, tzatziki
and  naan bread


chicken – small 16.99 | large 21.99
Lamb – small 17.99 | large 23.99

New York Beef – small 17.99| large  23.99

Prawns – small  17.99| large 24.99

Chicken 7.99 | New York Beef, Lamb, Kebab or Prawns 8.99

Lamb Kebab

Ground lamb with herbs and seasoned with mediterranean spices. served with rice, zawa signature salad, grilled tomatoes, and naan bread –   small 17.99 | large 22.99

Chili Garlic Prawns Dinner

10 Jumbo tiger prawns sautéed in our spicy chili sauce| choose your level of spice| served with seven spices
rice roasted potatoes, signature salad, tzatziki and naan bread 24.99

 Chili Garlic Combo Dinner 

5 Jumbo tiger prawns, wild salmon, white fish sauteed in our chili sauce |choose your level off spices |served with seven spice rice, greek salad and roasted potatoes, tzatziki  and naan   29.99

Kalamari Dinner

Tender lightly breaded squid served over seven spices rice
with Greek salad, special roasted potatoes, tzatziki and pita 24.99

Wild Sockeye  Salmon

Lightly seared then simmered in lemon, white wine and garlic. Served with
seven spice rice, steamed seasonal vegetables and garlic toast 25.99


Roast Lamb

New Zealand spring lamb shoulder marinated and slow roasted.
Served with roasted potatoes, Greek salad, rice  tzatziki, and naan bread 24.99

Lamb Shank

Tender New Zealand Lamb shanks, marinated in our tomato sauce, and slowly roasted . served  in stew (ask the your server for stew of the day ) with seven spices rice,roasted  and our signature salad, naan bread 24.99

New York Steak

Juicy 10oz. Canadian AA New York steak charbroiled to perfection with your
choice of potatoes, seasonal steamed vegetables or garlic toast 24.99

New York Steak and Tiger Prawns

Tender aged 10oz. Canadian AA New York Steak charbroiled to your liking with citrus garlic tiger prawns.
Served with your choice of potatoes, seasonal vegetables or garlic toast 29.99
(ADD peppercorn sauce or mushrooms to your steak 3.00)


Fresh seasonal vegetables lightly stir-fried in teriyaki ginger or spicy peanut sauce , and served over rice.
Chicken 15.99 | Beef or Lamb 19.99 | Tiger Prawns 19.99 | Organic Tofu 15.99 | Veggies 12.99

Lemon and Garlic Free Run Chicken

A light seasoning of lemon, garlic and white wine served with steamed veggies
potatoes and garlic bread 19.99


All Pastas dishes are served with fresh garlic, basil and onion, topped with olive oil
and Parmesan cheese, and served with garlic bread
(Gluten-free pasta extra 3.00)
Option to change ( noodles, sauce and the level of spice ) for no extra charge

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Our homemade tomato sauce topped with homemade meatballs and
fresh Parmesan cheese 15.99

Spaghetti Primavera

Fresh garden vegetables tossed in our homemade cream sauce 14.99

Spaghetti Carbonara

Smoked Bacon, egg yolk, garlic, onion, fresh basil and
Parmesan cheese 16.99

Fettuccine Con Pollo

Grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic in a white
wine sauce 16.99

Seafood Fettuccine

Tiger prawns, baby shrimp, white fish, and mussels in a cream sauce, topped with
fresh parmesan cheese 21.99

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Tender grilled chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce 16.99

Chef spicy seafood fettuccini 

Tiger prawns, baby shrimp, mussels, white fish, wild salmon in our spicy tomato sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese 24.99

Penne Alla Creole

Grilled chicken, spicy chorizo, baby shrimp and fresh mushrooms
in a spicy red sauce 17.99

Spicy Cajun Penne

Spicy chorizo paired with smoked bacon in our homemade spicy
Cajun tomato mushroom sauce 16.99

Penne Arrabiata

With mushroom in a fresh spicy jalapeño sauce 13.99
Choose your spice level

Zawa Lasagna

Our homemade lasagna featuring layer upon layer of ground beef, sautéed onions
and fresh parmesan in our zesty red sauce, topped with plenty of melted
mozzarella and cheddar 16.99

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