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(Served with salsa and sour cream)
Crispy tortilla chips loaded with cheese, green onions, jalapenos 14.99


Refried beans 2.49    Guacamole 2.99
Braised beef 5.99        Chicken breast 5.99         Pulled pork 5.99

Brazilian Chicken Wings

Crispy Brazilian wings tossed in your choice of honey garlic, teriyaki
or Louisiana hot sauce

½ pound 5.99     1 pound 9.99


(Served with homemade tzatziki)
Tender lightly breaded squid rings sprinkled with onion 9.99

Add………. Chili peppers 1 .99

Garlic prawns

(Served with whole wheat naan bread)
Jumbo tiger prawns sautéed in our spicy chili sauce 11.99


Our homemade fries smothered in cheese curd and gravy 9.99
With yam fries 11.99

Add…. Pulled Pork 5.99 | Braised Beef 5.99

Zaátar Manakish

(Served with mini hummus )
Naan bread toped with sesame, feta cheese and mixture of herbs infused with olive oil 5.99

Crab cakes

Home made crab cakes with hint of curry served with orange black pepper aioli 12.99

Wild Smoked Salmon Crostini

Wild Smoked salmon capers, onion, dijon mustard served on toasted crostino 12.99

Hummus, Tzatziki 

(With veggie sticks & naan bread) 5.99

Combo Hummus and Tzatziki 

(with veggie sticks & naan bread) 7.99

French Fries

(Homemade with chipolti or garlic mayo) 6.99

Yam fries

(Homemade with chipolti or garlic mayo) 7.99

Irish Nachos

Waffle cut fries topped with three cheeses, onion, tomatoes, jalapeños, and
chipotle mayo 9.99

Garlic prawns

10 pieces of tiger prawn sautéed in our spicy garlic chili sauce served with
whole wheat naan bread 11.99

Fish & Chips

Beer-battered pacific cod fillets with fresh cut fries 10.99 | with yam fries 12.99


Pork rind  served with chipotle mayo   6.99

Dry Garlic Ribs

Tender pork rib bites tossed in light seasoning and served with chipotle mayo 9.99

Chichen fingers & fries 

served with fresh cut fries 10.99 | with fresh cut yam fries 12.9

Baba ganoush & whole wheat naan bread  5.99
Hummus & whole wheat naan bread  5.99
Tzatziki & whole wheat naan bread   5.99

Tri – dip of Hummus and Tzatziki, Baba ganoush & naan bread  7.99
Sweet potato fries served with aioli or chipotle mayo  6.99
Fresh homemade French fries with garlic mayo or chipotle mayo  4.99

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